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My Netball Club

Welcome to the dynamic world of netball in Dubai, where the sport is rapidly gaining momentum and capturing hearts. The UAE teams' recent triumphs on the global stage have ignited a spark of inspiration among girls across the Emirate, driving them to lace up and step onto the court.

Embark on your netball journey with us, tailored to three exciting levels: "Born to Play," "Learn to Play," and the thrilling new addition – the "Dubai Netball Bees Academy." Beyond the court, our extracurricular activities offer budding netball enthusiasts a chance to grasp fundamental skills and grasp the essence of gameplay.

Our Programs

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School based extra-curricular activities led by MSA specialist netball coaches. These sessions differ for each venue and age group but their main aims are to introduce young players to the game of netball.
The focus is on fun, playing with a variety of new people, fundamental skills, understanding game play and court positions.


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YEAR 3  - YEAR 6

School based extra-curricular sessions

tailored to this age group are a great way to build on current netball skills and establish new ones. Sessions are led by specialist coaches who target their sessions for individuals to progress at their own pace whilst having fun. Main aims are to further develop positional

and game understanding.

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This is our brand-new Netball Academy.

The academy aims to offer fun, structured and challenging training programs for all levels of netballer from beginner to advanced. Training is provided in age and ability groups to ensure all individuals make the best progress and squads are able to focus on technical skills, tactics

and game play.

Prices and Packages

Born to Play - 90 AED + VAT

Learn to Play - 90 AED + VAT

Dubai Netball Bees - 146.93 AED + VAT

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