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Calibre Masters Swim

At Calibre Swim, we are committed to addressing the inadequate teaching and coaching provided to adult swimmers globally.
We provide comprehensive training that covers fundamental water confidence, precise stroke analysis, and strategic training periodization, ensuring that your swimming is performed at the highest possible Calibre.

Calibre Masters Swim program is an exceptional swim program that offers a range of benefits to adult swimmers of all skill levels. One of the key features of this program is the elite coaching delivered by knowledgeable professionals who have a deep understanding of the sport and are dedicated to helping swimmers improve their performance. These coaches bring with them a passion, enthusiasm, and drive that is contagious and can motivate swimmers to achieve their goals.


Another important aspect of the Calibre Masters Swim program is their focus on understanding, planning, and delivering sessions that address the most critical areas of improving swim performance. The coaches take the time to design personalized training plans that are tailored to the specific needs and goals of each swimmer. They use innovative training techniques and work with swimmers to develop the skills and techniques necessary to reach their full potential. With their emphasis on personalized training and attention to detail, the Calibre Masters Swim program is an excellent choice for adult swimmers looking to improve their swimming skills and performance.

Prices and Packages

Single Session - 95 AED (exclusive of 5% VAT)
6 Sessions - 475 AED (exclusive of 5% VAT)

12 Sessions - 850 AED (exclusive of 5% VAT) 

Our mission is clear

We aim to deliver the most professional, enthusiastic, and beneficial swim sessions possible, tailored to your level. Drawing on the wealth of knowledge and expertise we have accumulated on our own journeys from amateurs to elite swimmers, we are committed to helping every adult unlock their full potential in the pool.

 Adrian Booth

"This was the first time I’ve been coached, since giving up competitive swimming nearly 30 years ago, and lots has changed! 

Perry and Alex noticed things straight away, and made changes that have really helped my swimming. It’s a fun group and session, which I highly recommend!"

Adult Swim Head Coaches

Perry Gardner 
(+971) 585412799

Whatsapp: (+971) 585412799


Alex Millington
(+971) 561711048

Whatsapp: (+971) 561711048


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